woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Service Pack 1 for Inventor 2010

Service Packs & UpdatesIets vroeger dan verleden jaar - vergeleken met de Inventor 2009 - heeft autodesk net de eerste Service Pack voor Inventor 2010 vrijgegeven.
Deze Service Pack is geldig voor alle Inventor Versies (de Suite of de Professional) in alle verschillende talen. Er is wel een apparte SP1 voor de 32-bit versie of de 64-bit versie, dus vergis je hierin niet!!

Service Pack 1 voor Invenor 2010 kan men hier downloaden.

Komt men op deze autodesk site: merk dan op dat dit een incrementele update is. Dat wil zeggen dat men eerst Inventor 2010 moet geïnstalleerd hebben voordat men deze Service Pack kan gebruiken. Hmm... wie had dit kunnen vermoeden ??!! :-)

26/08/2009 Support Blog for Inventor Product Line:
Important Alert !!! on Inventor 2010 Service Pack 1
There are some major problems with SP1 as posted
here on the Autodesk website. Please don't download it from this link. We will update you as soon as we have the new service pack available for download.
Let us know, if you are facing any problems after installing the SP1 from the above link.
Bron: Autodesk Blog Being Inventive

27/08/2009 Issues with the wrong SP
SP is not linked to the Live Update, so the installer will not recognize this as an available service pack and prevent you from adding or merging it to a deployment image.
We ran into a last minute problem which prevents users from borrowing ACAD/M licenses and which needs to be corrected as well.
Actions taken are :
1. The new service pack is available on the website. You can download and install them.
2. For the old one that has been installed, development team is working on a hot fix for the above issues and it will be released soon.
Note : The only way to check which build you have installed is,
Go to Windows Add/remove program.
•253b will have a "remove" button.
•253d exceptionally will not show a remove button and cannot be uninstalled via the regular UI.
The procedure to remove the build via the command line is documented in the Read me document of the SP.
Let us know, if you are facing any additional problems after installing the wrong SP1 from the above link.

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