woensdag 19 december 2007

Craftsmen Industries is Inventor van de maand December

Craftsmen Industries is door Autodesk uitgeroepen tot "Inventor of the month December".
Craftsmen Industries is the leading manufacturer of customized vehicles for the event & promotion industry. From basic mobile displays to sophisticated double expandable exhibit trailers and one-of-a-kind custom vehicles, Craftsmen Industries is the ideal partner for companies and agencies utilizing mobile marketing tours.

"As the foundation of Digital Prototyping, Inventor lets us leverage a single, 3D digital model," said Tim Matejka, Design Engineer at Craftsmen. "These digital prototypes enhance our productivity in several important ways, whether it's being able to quickly and easily make changes to our designs, or to communicate our designs more clearly and effectively to the manufacturing team."

Wat denkt u van een paar video's van hun creaties?

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