vrijdag 10 september 2010

Vault 2011 Update 2

Service Packs & UpdatesAutodesk heeft Vault 2011 Update 2 beschikbaar gemaakt via onderstaande link:

Zorg ervoor dat u natuurlijk eerst de Readme even doorleest!

Volgende issues zijn aangepakt:
    • Writing back the Item Date property to iProperty Date will decrement by a day after every Check In and Update item operation
    • Cannot Update AutoCAD Electrical items if a Reference Designator is Mapped
    • Unable to write value to some mapped User Defined Properties (UDP) if there are multiple blocks in the drawing
    • Copy to custom library in Content Center doesn't work on localized language installs of ADMS
    • Certain file update workflows with "Enforce Unique File Names" enabled would result in an error attempting to create visualization file
    • Viewing the Re-index Property status from ADMS Console crashes during a Re-index operation
    • Vault returns "edited out of turn" and crashes during checkin or checkout
    • Install and launch ADMS console then right-click on a Vault from any workgroup will cause crash
    • Vault Client returns error message "Value cannot be null.Parameter name: link" during startup
    • Crash during SignIn command and ShowMore command
    • Getting error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" during Item creation or Item Update
    • Item Update command on a newly assigned Item will encounter 1200 error
    • The MAPIINSERT command takes a long time for large image files over the network when Vault Client is installed
    • Increased number of calls to the server inside Civil 3D 2011 compared with Civil 3D 2010
    • Login fails when passing Windows Authentication credentials to the Web Client
    • Setting Effectivity is slower in Vault 2011
    • No way to get back into Property Reindex dialog after crash in Property Reindex operation
    • Change Order grid population is slow in Vault 2011
    • Migration failures and errors
    • Always auto-assigning User Defined Properties to the Base category during migration
    • Grid population is slow, searching is slow
    • Incorrect 'NO COUNT' flag on Publisher and Subscriber Workgroups
    • Lucene search failures resulting in "error 179: search failed"
    • Error message "Error 1200" when Updating Item
    • Import of configuration file fails with error 232
    • Poor Performance on File Navigation with large number of files
    • Rebuilding search indexes event fails with out of memory error
    • Check in fails on file when default lifecycle state is Released
    • Incorrect impersonated user default setting in Web.Config
    • Failure to update ACE item with communication error 1200
    • Using specific search critera and wildcards in combination with file Content Indexing results in an error
    • Preview of Office files always shows the very first selected one

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