donderdag 30 september 2010

Autodesk Inventor 2011 Advantage Pack is er!

ToolsBen je subscription klant dan heb je nu toegang tot het Autodesk Inventor 2011 Advantage Pack.

Dit Advantage Pack bevat de volgende uitbreidingen voor jouw Inventor:

* Ease-of-use tools—Use dynamic sectioning, feature auto-name, and flexible drawing view orientation.
* Tools for building product fabricators—Build custom applications to automate export of Building Information Modeling (BIM)-ready content for BIM applications.
* Enhanced interoperability—Gain enhanced support for Rhino translators, 3D DWG in/out, iLogic Copy Design.
* Expanded tooling content libraries*—Gain access to more mold bases and components from popular vendors and expanded coverage for Meusburger mold bases and components.


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