donderdag 6 mei 2010

Vault 2011 update 1

Service Packs & UpdatesAutodesk heeft een update klaar voor Vault 2011.
Deze kunt u hier downloaden: link.

Zorg er zeker voor de u eerst de readme file naleest, zo vermijd u onbruikbare databases!

Wanneer u deze update installeert zorg er dan ook voor dat de Inventor 2011 hotfix TS1110607 is geinstalleerd.

De updates:
  • Property related operations (such as Checkin, Property ReIndex) may stop responding as a result of application pool becoming automatically disabled in Windows 2008 operating system. This Update 1 addresses this operating system incompatibility
  • Custom properties with white space do not get brought into Vault 2010 correctly
  • Improved behavior of Copy Design of a substituted part resulting in the new part referencing the original derived assembly
  • In a rare case a software license may not be released appropriately
  • Reinstate the Locked File Icon for user visibility
  • Files locked in a 2009 dataset, and then migrated to 2010, cannot be unlocked. Receive message "You do not have adequate permissions to perform this operation." ACL cannot be removed.
Vooral de Locked File Icon dat terug is zal velen bekoren:

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