donderdag 8 oktober 2009

Autodesk Certification voor 2010 versies

Autodesk Certificering voor 2010 product versies is nu beschikbaar.
Give your professional career the ultimate advantage with Autodesk Certification:

* Validate your skills and knowledge reliably: Certification gives you industry-recognized proof of your skills and knowledge with Autodesk software.
* Strengthen your résumé with an Autodesk Certificate and logo: You'll receive an electronic certificate to frame, and a Certification logo for use on your business cards, résumé and letterhead to signify your Autodesk Certified status.
* Get immediate diagnostic feedback: Upon exam completion you'll receive feedback on areas in which you can improve – whether you pass or not.
* List your details in the Autodesk Certified Professionals Database: You'll have the option of listing your contact details and certifications in the Autodesk public database, showcasing your credentials to potential employers.

Show that you are remarkable.
Interesse? Lees dan eerst eens deze gids: Autodesk® Certification Exam Guide Inventor 2010

meer info: Autodesk Inc.

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