donderdag 5 maart 2009

Inventor of the year!

ADEPT Airmotive is door Autodesk uitgeroepen tot Inventor of the Year voor 2008.

ADEPT Airmotive maakt motoren voor kleine vliegtuigen:
ADEPT relied upon Autodesk Inventor engineering design software to develop its revolutionary 320T -- a 320-horsepower general aviation engine with a compact design that offers low vibration levels and high structural integrity. The 280 lb. engine is lighter than a traditional piston engine of comparable horsepower, allowing the 320T to reap significant fuel efficiencies to the operator of the aircraft and is less impactful on the environment.

"Digital Prototyping was absolutely critical because it allowed us to bring a single digital model through every phase of design and development," said Richard Schulz, managing director at ADEPT. "We were able to explore the form, fit and function of our designs, without expending time and resources on physical prototypes."

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