donderdag 5 maart 2009

Digital Prototyping, zie hoe HTC er beter van geworden is!

NieuwsIn het volgende filmpje kun je zien waarom HTC sweden voor Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD Electrical, Autodesk Producstream en zelf 3D studio max.

HTC was Inventor of the month in Oktober 2007:
HTC Sweden's flooring machines, which use a diamond-based grinding system, have radically changed the perception of how to work with stone floors. While the technology can be used for any kind of stone -- including granite, natural stone or even marble -- its most popular application has been with concrete floors. Diamond-polished concrete turns bright and shiny, with the rocks within the concrete appearing as a darker pattern on a light surface, creating a beautiful, hygienic and easily managed floor that is cheaper to maintain than other flooring materials.

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