donderdag 19 februari 2009

Inventor Tooling Suite (voorheen Inventor Mold)

NieuwsHet heeft maar liefst 2 jaar geduurd om Inventor Tooling te ontwikkelen maar binnenkort verschijnt hij: Inventor Tooling Suite.
Mark Flayler: "To give you an idea of the power behind tooling I was given a part by one of our Application Engineers and was asked to create a core and cavity for them. They were frustrated because the complexity of the part and the nuances of using derived components. After half a day they gave up and passed it to me. I finished it in 4 minutes with Tooling and even allowed for isotropic shrinkage (see below). Tooling can accomplish a lot more robust modeling because it has access to higher level ASM (Autodesk Shape Manager) functionality than previously available in Inventor."

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