dinsdag 19 februari 2008

Project Draw 0.7.1

Autodesk LabsProject Draw heeft na de server upgrade die Autodesk gisteren uitgevoerd heeft ook enkele updates vandaag uitgevoerd. Hierdoor word Project Draw verhoogt naar versie 0.7.1.
Volgende updates zijn aan deze versie toegevoegd:

  • Ensured compatibility with Google Gears 0.2.14 (an upgrade from 0.1.54). Project Draw automatically upgrades users who have not previously obtained this new version.Google Gears code was modified to provide faster initial and subsequent downloads as part of synchronization. We added more status messages so you know what’s happening during the offline synch.

  • Corrected rotation and stretch of multiselected shapes after moving.

  • Corrected Firefox 3 bugs such as drop downs are behind the horizontal ruler when they should appear on top. In addition some dialogs appeared behind other elements due to z ordering.

  • Switched the tool tip text on the zoom menu items. They were backwards.

  • Configured additional servers to provide performance enhancements across the globe.

  • Included a link that lets people know they can submit their diagrams to our gallery.

Bron: It's Alive in the Lab

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