vrijdag 29 februari 2008

Inventor of the month Februari

OPEX Corporation is door Autodesk uitgeroepen tot Inventor of the month Februari.
OPEX relied on the Autodesk Inventor product family to help design its innovative Mail Matrix, a mail sorting solution that redefines the capabilities, functionality and performance of the mailroom. Mail Matrix can sort up to 25,000 pieces of mail in a single, 8-hour shift, into as many as 1,020 different delivery bins by using iBOTs, intelligent robotic wireless vehicles that determine the appropriate bin and then transport and deliver each piece of mail.

"Mail Matrix is truly revolutionary in form and function, and Inventor played a key role in helping us achieve that level of innovation," said Brian Dean, a senior-level mechanical designer at OPEX. "By creating an accurate 3D model of Mail Matrix in Inventor, we were able to explore hundreds of different design and engineering iterations before we expended time and resources on creating a physical prototype."

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